Our experience with Muista

Our experience with Muista

(Product test) The Muista chair promises great things: Its special shape not only promotes concentration when sitting, but also strengthens the back muscles. Because the learning support team is forced to sit a lot by the home office and is looking for an alternative to the classic cantilever chair, we tried the product for a week.

Packaging and construction

The chair comes in the mail in an inconspicuous box, in which there is only a two-page manual with beautiful illustrations. But you don't need more, because the unusual stool doesn't have to be set up. You can use it right away.

The design

The foot part of the stool is made of light wood and the upholstery pleases with its subtle turquoise tone. The measures are:

  • 26 cm wide
  • 48 cm high
  • 45 cm deep

You can therefore easily slide the chair under the desk, which of course is very space-saving. The real highlight, however, is the rounded feet, thanks to which you can comfortably rock back and forth. You can bend your legs or stretch them out.

It is also practical that there are rubber pads on the feet, which protects the floor from scratches.

Visually, the Muista chair is reminiscent of a rocking horse without ahead. The bright, friendly design fits well in a modern office.

The feeling of sitting

Because the chair intentionally has no backrest, you are automatically forced to keep your back straight. In contrast to a regular stool, this is not so strenuous in the long run because you can rock back and forth at the same time. And that actually promotes concentration. You can swing both quickly and slowly and sit on the side for a change.


What we noticed positively

The rocking of the chair has a calming effect, which helps to concentrate on the most important things at work.

The chair is very light and can, therefore, be easily carried or stowed from room to room.

The modern, simple design can be easily integrated into different room concepts.

Comfortable and stable

The chair is very comfortable thanks to its dynamic shape. It can be used in many ways, for example for working in the office or for visiting smaller or larger guests for a TV evening. Sometimes you quickly find a seat at home. Talking on the phone, talking or laughing - everything is possible on the high-quality, lightweight, yet stable chair.

It is important that children reach the ground with their legs so that they do not fall. From around 7 to 8 years of age, this should work without any problems. The chair is also wonderful for adults and adapts to any spontaneous movement.


We are excited

In our learning support team, all employees were immediately enthusiastic and wanted to try out the chair. Variety and joy - these two features characterize the chair.

In creative companies, the chair is also suitable for smaller, spontaneous meetings and supports in finding ideas. Thinking processes are started because of the increased concentration.



The Muista chair convinced us, you quickly get used to this ergonomically thought-out stool. Both children and adults can sit comfortably on it and work at their desks.

The chair is also available in a different color on the website. For example in a dark combination of black and cream colors. The manufacturer grants a three-year guarantee on the purchase.


- Lernfoerderung.de team - https://www.lernfoerderung.de/blog/praxistest-muista-stuhl/

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