The Idea

The birth of Muista was inspired by science. “Keep fidgeting, it might cancel out the negative effects of prolonged sitting” – this was the headline of an IFLScience article, triggering the idea of a simple ergonomic sitting solution, that wouldn’t compromise on movement. It’s all in the name – Muista comes from a Lithuanian word ‘mùistytis’ – to fidget.

The Beginning and The Process

Our small creative company was founded by a former book designer Aurimas Lažinskas and his cousin Gytis Štaras back in 2015 and is based in Lithuanian capital of Vilnius. The main Muista components are produced by four experienced local manufacturers, and the assembly, finishings and packing are all done in our Muista studio, mostly with designer’s own fair hands. We do love that personal touch.

The Journey

It took a lot of fidgeting and head scratching to come up with the perfect Muista. Three years were spent meticulously designing, researching, testing and consulting various health specialists, until we launched the mass production in the fall of 2018. Since then, we’ve participated in international design fairs in Helsinki (Habitare), Cologne (IMM), Paris (Maison & Objet), Vienna, Zurich, Hamburg (Blickfang). We’ve sold hundreds of Muistas, and received nothing but positive feedback, both from health professionals and members of the public.

The Vision

Our research is ongoing and our vision is clear – change the concept of sitting to encourage flexibility, balance, and movement. And make fidgeting great again 🙂


Aurimas Lažinskas

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Gytis Štaras

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