Ergonomic Desk Stool for Your Home Office

2-in-1 active sitting for all ages


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Muista XL

Save €50

Unique sitting principle

Muista is the only chair capable of providing more freedom than restriction. The unique 2 in 1 design supports both saddle and bench-like sitting positions, altered by a simple turn of the chair. It was created to embrace various micromovements and encourage change – imperative for a healthy body and mind.

Alternative sitting
position with Muista

Choice between two positions, supporting and encouraging freedom of micromovements, improving posture, exercising various muscle groups, strengthening your back and core.


Regular Office

Inactivity due to prolonged sitting in one position, slouching, leading to poor blood circulation, bad posture, muscle stiffness, back pain and reduced flexibility.

Proven health benefits

  • Makes your back stronger
  • Helps you concentrate
  • Improves your sense of balance
  • Boosts your blood flow and circulation
  • Reduces stress


Strength & Durability

Muista has successfully passed a custom-built test – it withstood a 1 month of 250 000 times rocking back and forth with a load of 110 kg. That means if you rock on your Muista at least 50 times per day during workdays, you should be able to do that for 10 years minimum.

Muista chair fully complies with the standard EN 12520:2015 strength and durability requirements. It does not comply with stability requirements of the same test, but these are obviously not applicable to Muista, since it is a balancing chair.


Customer Reviews

The stool has been a real game changer for me in terms of posture, and I’m a personal trainer so should know how to sit but the stool has really helped with lower back and hip stiffness from being stuck at home… plus it is fun too! :))

Ivan W., Switzerland

As I am working from home since April I sit more or less the whole day on my MUISTA keeping any neck or back problem far far away – happy to state that the all day long term experiment is more than satisfying – thanks!

Heather L., UK

I’ve had a desk job for over 30 years and have been suffering with terrible hip pain. I fell in love with the Muista rocking stool the moment l saw a picture of it online. In addition to the health benefits, it’s just so amazingly beautiful and well made. I’ve been using my Muista for about 2 weeks and I’m astounded. It took about 4 days to get used to it, but then my pain receded and I have more flexibility than I’ve had for years. The design encourages natural posture, in fact it’s hard to slouch on a Muista. Overall, it’s been the best health improvement purchase I’ve made in years.


My son is using the Muista chair on his desk for his homework and all other things he does at the desk. He has ADHD (Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) and therefore trouble concentrating. But research has shown that a little bit of movement is better for these kids to concentrate than sitting still. When we saw the Muista chair, we thought this was the perfect chair for him. Our son loves the chair and uses it every day. He really seems to be able to concentrate better and work for a longer period of time. We would definitely recommend the chair to other kids with ADHD. But actually, we can recommend the chair to anyone. We are thinking of getting one for everybody in our household – just because they are so comfortable.

Sibylle, Switzerland

I have back problems and find it sometimes difficult to get up from dining or lounge chairs. With my Muista chair this is no problem. Also, because you can sit straddled or from the side, as well as the rocking, I can always adjust my position. A big plus for me is that I need no help in carrying my favorite chair from room to room. I do recommend my chair to everyone.

Katharina G., Germany

I am so happy with my fantastic muista chair. I love rocking chairs in general but this one is my absolute favorite one. Perfect customer service!

Helen B., UK

I recently bought a Muista Chair as I am working from home since March and it is without doubt the best desk chair I have ever had. Once you get used to the sitting positions it is very comfortable, helps with concentration and gives me automatically a more up right posture. I always struggled with bulky heavy office chairs, the Muista chair is wonderful light. Also, it is simply a bit of fun swinging on your chair, will make even the most boring meeting pass quickly. Customer service was very efficient and friendly.

Heike O., Jersey

I love it! It looks great, but more important – it makes a very nice sit. I guess the trick is that it is so unstable around the center position, so it is very easy to gently move just with relocating the weight slightly.

Anja N., Germany

The design is great, a light, flexible friendly piece of furniture. I enjoy using it in both directions. And: I was extremely pleased with the Service/Customer Communication and the packaging. Great Design, too!

Dieter P., Austria

Really pleased with this chair. The ergonomic design will be great for my back and posture and it looks great. The quality of materials used is very good. Also very happy with delivery which was in under a week from Lithuania to the UK during a very busy Christmas period. Using DPD was great as I could track the shipment easily and had a precise delivery time which was very helpful. The packaging did a perfect job of protecting this chair during transit, and is now easy for me to recycle. I could imagine purchasing another of these chairs very easily and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend it.

Lorna M., UK

As someone who has always endured back problems, this has completely alleviated them. I tend to sit on this chair an average of 10 hours/day. In addition to addressing my lower back issues, this chair fits seamlessly in our living room due to its small footprint and doesn’t overwhelm the rest of our decor. We needed something that wouldn’t clash with our aesthetic and yet was still functional. The Muista was ideal for both purposes. We do recommend this chair to all of our dinner guests. Everyone asks about it, and we always explain to them why we love it and why they should consider buying one. I feel like we’ve stumbled upon some secret that very few others know even exists as an option…

Raymond C., US

I really enjoy both the design and implementation of the Muista Chair. Initially it took my butt a little bit to get used to it. I’d sit for a while and then switch to a regular chair. Now I use the Muista Chair almost every day as my primary desk chair.


I use the Muista chair every day when i read my newspaper or a book, looking tv. In the beginning some muscles, even did not know I have them, hurted. But this went away. So I think the chair trains some muscles.

Jonathan, USA

I’m already obsessed with this chair! I love the rocking motion and the height is perfect. It is beautifully crafted and looks really elegant and modern, and subtle as I was looking for something that didn’t take up much space but that I could absolutely love. The shipping was very fast! Coming from overseas I thought it would take much longer…what a Christmas miracle. My work from home office feels much cozier and special now.

Ginny , USA