Balance saddle chair inspired by science

Entertain your body while sitting!

The science of balance chair

From Problem to Solution

A number of studies have shown that the lack of movement is close to lethal for our bodies. Prolonged inactivity while sitting at your work desk leads to poor blood circulation, back and hip pain, muscle stiffness and reduced flexibility. When looking for a solution, we at Muista narrowed it down to one particular scientific study showing that various micromovements caused by fidgeting might be enough to cancel out the negative effects of prolonged sitting. After 3 years of design development, we are happy to give you a perfect sitting solution that:

Makes your back stronger
Boosts blood flow & circulation
Improves sense of balance
Helps to concentrate
Calms down and reduces stress
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Saddle chair upgrade

Two Interchangeable Sitting Positions

You can switch between the two, sit still, rock or sway while your body gets a healthy amount of micro exercise, provided by a gentle intuitive movement.


The saddle sitting position supports a forward rocking motion much like a horse riding simulation.


The bench-like sitting position facilitates a sideways swaying motion.

muista saddle chair black and natural wood colors

It’s all about balance – when the body moves, the mind follows.

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reliable materials, durable structure

Minimalist design to last for years

This saddle stool chair is tough. Muista frame has been made solid by press-forming eleven-layer wood ply into a simple, yet famously durable arch shape, leaving no parts to get loose or break over time.

The seat is made with injection-moulded high density polyurethane. This long-lasting material is mostly used in automotive industries. Muista upholstery is a heavy-duty woollen fabric – while it might change the way it looks over time, it will not break for years. Even if the frame outlasts the seat, it can be easily changed – just takes two bolts to unscrew.

Shock-absorbing, floor-protecting durable form-cast rubber feet pads are attached in our own studio. They are glued into a groove specially milled inside the brim of the wooden frame.

muista chair feet pads closeup muista saddle chair seat closeup

It’s Time For Smart Sitting!

Balance saddle chair for your office and home